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Difference between traditional and Online fax

A difference between the old fax and online Fax. We know that faxes are being used by many of the companies and business groups in the world and also for personal use. But the type of fax they are using is the difference between their work. Online Fax and traditional...

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Why Faxing is still Present

The use of a fax machine in modern era. Faxing is a simple method of sharing the desired content securely and easily. It has been a part of communication procedures from a long time and has been evolving with time but some people have made the life of a fax machine...

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Fax Broadcasting

Introduction. Broadcasting of fax is the capacity to send a fax to more than one person at the same time. Some fax machines can scan a document one time and broadcast it to multiple recipients. But, when most people talk about broadcast fax, they're referring to...

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