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Broadcasting of fax is the capacity to send a fax to more than one person at the same time. Some fax machines can scan a document one time and broadcast it to multiple recipients. But, when most people talk about broadcast fax, they’re referring to third-party services that use fax server technology to send a fax to hundreds or thousands of recipients at once. It simply works in the form of groups of hundreds of people or whatever the numbers taking part in such broadcasting. The whole procedure is termed as a campaign that integrates a large number of users online and sends the fax from the sender to all those present in the group represented recipients. Once the campaign is started all the recipients can easily access the sent fax.

Procedure and explanation.

Faxes are tricky as they can be sent and received by different kinds of machines that operate using different protocols and procedures. Computers, for example, use something called Internet Protocol (IP) to send and receive data over a network. With Internet Protocol, an outgoing message is chopped up into small packets of data that are individually routed to the desired server. Some of the platforms help in such provision of digital data for mass faxing using the campaign.

Some of the steps are given below for starting a campaign.

Prepare Contact list

Firstly, to the broadcasting of a fax you need to prepare a contact list. You can create different contact groups to specify desired areas, cities, provinces, and countries. Fax broadcast system makes you able to manage the contact list. Most of the fax broadcast software allows you to add contact numbers. Hence, once the list is prepared in the form of a group you need to move on to the next step.

Upload or choose Fax Documents.

Fax applications allow you to upload your fax documents present in certain file formats. You can upload fax documents in PDF, Tiff, JPG, etc file formats. The document to be attached is easily chosen so to send this document to the desired destination.

Selective procedure.

Some systems allow you to select the option of a call retires. If your fax is not received yet then there is no need to worry about it because you can try for a second or third time or even more time easily. Some applications and software allow you to select the option of recipient or customer caller Id.

Starting campaign.

Once you have created a contact list, uploaded a fax file, and selected all the preference contacts and options, now the time is to broadcast your fax message. You can broadcast your fax message at that time or can make it pending for the next time and fixed schedule. This campaign will provide the attached fax to the recipients easily in any of the world’s corners.

This was the basic procedure for starting a campaign and using the reserved platforms for such activity. These platforms are the connectors of the sender and the recipients as they can access all the on-going procedures and maintain the fax transfers.